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:: Winamax Poker
:: Bulk Purchase
If you want to buy a specific amount of hand histories from scratch, then the "bulk" purchase is the way to go.

A "bulk" purchase will bring you the latest X hands of your desired games.

This is the best deal if you don't have many hand histories in your database.
This way you can come up with a huge database on the fly!

:: Monthly Purchase
The "monthly" purchase will bring you every day a batch of the latest hand histories directly to your mailbox (download links). You will receive these hand histories for a period of 30 days. No matter what date currently is. You will receive the handhistories for a total of 30 days.

Buy Winamax Poker Hand Histories

Winamax is an interesting site when it comes to it's traffic.
This is because players located within France are prohibited by law from connecting to a poker site that does not hold a French license.
However, these same laws don't prohibit France-based sites from accepting EU citizens.
This unique situation makes it the only large poker room in which France-based poker enthusiasts can play with people from other European countries.

Consequently, while other companies based in Gibraltar or on the Isle of Man had to set-up local networks in France, Winamax was free to expand from inside the country.
As a result, Winamax is the most inclusive EU-facing poker site.

We provide Winamax hand histories since 2011.

Benefits in short

- The latest hand histories.
- No duplicate hands.
- Automatically download hand histories daily.
- Compatible with all tracking applications (Hold'em Manager, PokerTracker, Hand2Note...)
- Read your opponents and their playstyles
- Gain valuable information on players you haven't seen before
- Make smart decisions in tough spots
- Maximize your profit

Be ahead of the competition

HHDealer is the easiest, most cost effective and fastest way to buy Winamax hand histories
We guarantee for that:
If you find your hands cheaper somewhere else, then we will not only match their price, but we will take 25% off!
Contact us to redeeem this offer.