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:: Buy Cash Game or SNG (Sit&Go) Hand Histories
Buy a specific amount of hand histories from your desired poker site, game and stake.

You will receive a download link for all the requested hand histories directly to your mailbox.

This is the best deal if you don't have many hand histories in your database.
This way you can come up with a huge database on the fly!

Follow the link below to boost your Database:

:: Buy a Subscription to Cash Game or SNG (Sit&Go) Hand Histories
Buy poker hand histories of your favorite poker room, game and stake.

A subscription will bring you a new batch of hand histories every day.
You will receive these hand histories for a period of 30 days.

A subscription covers the future hands.

Keep your database up-to-date with a hand history subscription:

Buy Sit and Go / MTT Hand Histories
You are interested in Sit and Go / Multi Table Tournament hand histories?

Get all the latest hand histories from a your favorite SNG and MTT.
They are available in bulk and as subscription to daily updates.

We offer PokerStars Spain (.es) / Italy (.it) / France (.fr) / Portugal (.pt) SNG/MTT hand histories aswell as Pokerstars New Jersey / Michigan (.nj) and Pokerstars Canada/Ontario (.ca) hand histories.

PokerStars Spain, France and Portugal (.es, .fr and .pt) share the same player/table pool.
PokerStars Italy (.it) remains a seperate player/table pool for now.
PokerStars New Jersey / Michigan (.nj) maintains it's own pool of player/tables aswell as Pokerstars Canada / Ontario.
Follow the links below if you are interested in these country specific SNG and MTT hand histories:
:: Buy Hand Histories of a specific player
Buy hand histories of a specific player.

Get all the latest hand histories from a specific game and stake.

Study and expose his play:


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